Jaguar Project 8

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The latest creation from Jaguars madcap SVO division. 

A £150,000 Jaguar XE. What on earth could make a perfectly decent saloon the same price as a Bentley Continental or a Porsche 911 Turbo S? This is no ordinary XE, in fact, this isn’t an XE at all. Meet the Jaguar Project 8, the latest creation from the lunatics at Jaguars Special Vehicle Operations (SVO).

You may remember the Project 7 car which was essentially a tuned up Jaguar F-Type well this follows the same principal.  SVO take a standard Jaguar car and crank it all the way to 11.  The boss at SVO said stated that the Project 8 is the “company’s most track-focused and powerful road car ever.” Bold claims to live up to then.

Under the bonnet is a 5-litre V8 which has been supercharged to give 592bhp. This means that the Project 8 can hit 60mph in 3.3 seconds and goes all the way to 200mph, despite being heavier than the standard XE. There is a 4WD system driven through an eight speed automatic gearbox and the rear axle features an electronical differential while the suspension and aerodynamics are both manually adjustable. Carbon ceramic disc come as standard as do new fatter tires. The Project 8 may look recognisable as an XE but there has been so much change between the two that only the roof and the front doors are from the standard car. The reason has partly been down to the heavy use of carbon fibre but also due to the number of new components on used.

As you can probably tell, the Project 8 is visually quite different from the standard XE including huge rear spoiler and the new front vents. There’s also the new orange paint work and the gorgeous looking stripe. (Yes I like a stripe). The wheel arches have also been cut and flared to make room for the new wider tires. At the back there are new quad exhausts which means you will definitely be able to hear the car a few miles away.

The standard Project 8 may seem bonkers enough already but you can take the insanity to a new level if you choose the Track Pack option. This (currently unpriced) option removes the rear seats, replaces the front two with proper racing bucket seats, adds a roll cage and a fire extinguisher all while removing 12.2kg from the body weight.

Jaguar will hand build only 300 left hand drive Project 8’s and have no idea who or where these buyers are as there is no pre-order book.  But at £150,000 don’t expect to see one at your local supermarket car park.


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