Geneva Motor Show: Porsche’s Big Booted Panamera

Porsche launches is first ever production estate. The world recoils in shock!

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I know, I know. How dare that Porsche make an estate, what is the world coming too.  First a Porsche SUV and then a saloon and now this, what next….a front engined 911? This is what proper Porsche enthusiasts might be saying as they recoil in horror at the sight of the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo. But then again these people were outraged when the current 911 got electric steering so let’s not get too distracted by those people.

I must admit that I am hardly Porsches biggest fan but even I can admit that this is a good looking car. The old Panamera was a fat and bloated looking thing but this new second generation is a vast improvement. The Sport Turismo differs very little from the standard Panamera and stays very similar to the Sport Turismo concept Porsche showed us back in 2012. It is exactly the same length and height as the Panamera which begs the question, what have they actually done to create the Sport Turismo?

Well, there isn’t a load more space in the boot, only an extra 20 litres over the standard Panamera. However when the back seats are folded down then there is an extra 50 litres of space in the back. I grant it still isn’t massive amounts for an “estate”. Speaking of back seats, the Sport Turismo features three rear seats, a first for a Panamera, but the middle seat is more a +1 which technically makes this a ‘4+1’. Just to complicate things further, you a can spec just four seats which will probably be the most popular option. Inside there is usual Porsche interior with a 12.3 inch touchscreen, touch sensitive controls and two 7-inch LCD in the instrument binnacle.

Engine wise, there will be five to choose from with the 550bhp turbocharged V6 at the top of the range but the E-Hybrid is the engine that this car and the concept before was designed for. It will do 173mph, 0-62mph in just 4.6 seconds and only do 56g/km and 112mpg. It won’t be cheap though as prices start at £83,000 (although the most expensive Sport Turismo rises to £117,000)

So, is this just another pointless niche or are Porsche on the something with this? Let us know your thoughts below…


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