Geneva Motor Show: Audi’s Sporty Mega SUV

The Audi Q8 Sport concept is the answer to a problem no-one needed solving.

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It’s an issue that plagues several people around the world every day; your massive seven seat German SUV is just not big, luxurious or sporty enough. I mean, who among hasn’t had this exact same problem. Luckily Audi has the solution with the Q8 Sport Concept.

Actually, you can ignore the concept part as this will eventually become the SQ8, the sporty version of the forthcoming Audi Q8.  Audi only unveiled the Q8 in January in Detroit but has already tweaked it to create this faster version. The original Q8 concept had a 3.0-litre turbo V6 combined with an electric motor developing a total of 444bhp and 516lb ft. 0 to 62mph was over in 5.4 seconds and the electric motors could power you up to 37 miles. Hardly sluggish figures but Audi believes they can be improved (They are German after all).

The Q8 Sport has had its V6 increased to 444bhp and gained two turbos but there will be minimal turbo lag due to a motorised fan effect which always has the turbos spinning.  Plus the starter generator can save energy usually lost on the overrun which can be used as a boost function when enough energy has been stored. The boost feature gives an extra 125Ib ft of torque and cutting the 0-62 time by 0.7 seconds (4.7 secs). The bonus of all this is that there is less strain on the engine meaning better fuel consumption and lower emissions with a 745 mile range (potentially) and a 25g/km drop in C02 emissions. Not bad for a big SUV. Plus this system will eventually trickle down into every Audi model in the future.

If you a bit confused as to where the Q8 and Q8 Sport will sit in the Audi range then let me try and explain.  It is the same size as the Q7, the largest Audi, but sits 40mm lower down and has a chopped roof creating a more swopping, coupe style. It’s a rival for the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe. It’s quite a handsome beast compared to the other two; it manages to hide its size reasonably well. Audi’s have been getting quite copycat recently but the Q8 and Q8 Sport manage to both stand out from the range yet still be recognisably Audi.

Do you like the idea of a mega SUV coupe or are the Germans trying to out niche each other? Let us know below…





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