Geneva Motor Show: Renault’s EV Hot Hatch

Good to know that Renault is keeping the hot hatch alive when all the petrol dries up.

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We all know that electric cars are here to stay but not everyone is trying to make them boring and eco. Renault has decided that electricity can be used for a new breed of speed machines. This is their new electric concept, the Zoe e-Sport.

Renault has a history of making bonkers yet surprisingly good concepts (Espace F1, Twizy F1, Twinfun, DeZir) and the Zoe e-Sport is the latest. What makes it bonkers you ask? Well it has not one but two electric motors which mean a combined performance of 456bhp and 472Ib ft of torque and a top speed of 130mph. While this may not seem fast in the world of current hot hatches, but the Zoe e-Sport has enough power to launch it 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds and onto its top speed in less than 10 seconds. That’s impressive to anyone.

This is far more than a concept though, this is a real car. Inside it is packed with the latest racing technology as Renault shows the world they can turn anything into a racecar. The chassis is tubular steel while carbon fibre and Kevlar are used to keep the weight down to 1400kg (450kg is battery). The Zoe e-Sport is four-wheel-drive so that none of the power is lost in the corners while a wider track, dual wishbone suspension all around and four-way adjustable Ohlins dampers help keep the car pointing vaguely in the right direction.

The styling of the Zoe e-Sport is slightly different to the standard Zoe.  The blue paint with yellow highlights is taken from Renault’s Formula E race car and is rather fetching. At the rear is a rear diffuser and covered tail lights while at the front, new headlights and a larger,  remodelled air intake help give the Zoe e-Sport an aggressive and squat stance. There is also an air intake on each side while Renault has even done away with the door handles in favour of using soft touch opening doors. How very Sci-Fi.

Will Renault put this into production? Unlikely, but it is nice to see that the idea for a serious electric hot hatch is plausible, and also very appealing. Feel free to leave your thoughts below…



1 thought on “Geneva Motor Show: Renault’s EV Hot Hatch

  1. God, that Zoe looks meaner than the current Renault Sport cars around 😂


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