Geneva Motor Show: Aston’s Racing Sub Brand

Aston is bringing its racing success to the road.

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Aston is doing quite well on the racing front recently, winning the 2016 FIA WEC GT Drivers’ Championship and two class victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Now Aston wants to turn that success into profit for its road cars.

They want to create an AMR (Aston Martin Racing) sub-brand which will use racing technology on the current production car line up in turn creating the most extreme versions for customers to buy. Aston launched this new sub-brand at Geneva by previewing a Rapide AMR and a Vantage AMR Pro.  Eventually every Aston will have an AMR derivative, imagine AMR is to Aston as what AMG is to Mercedes, but more race orientated, and it starts to make more sense.

The Rapide AMR is less thoroughbred racer, more mildly spiced sports car but still following the AMR formula. Few details are available about technical specifications but more power has been squeezed from the 6.0 litre V12 and there have also been upgrades to the chassis. There is more aggressive bodywork for more downforce to try and keep all that power under control and as for the love or hate paint job, well you can’t escape it once you are inside either so let’s hope you like it.

The Vantage AMR Pro is slightly different to the Rapid AMR as this is a more track focused racer.  It has the engine from Aston’s GT4 racer meaning 500bhp and ludicrous amounts of noise.  Creating quite possibly the most powerful and loudest Vantage this side of the V12. Every AMR Pro car will be dealt by Aston’s own special operations team – Q by Aston Martin Advanced Operations and set up at their test centre at the Nurburgring. The Vantage AMR Pro gets fully-adjustable race suspension, centre-locking wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres and a roll cage. It also gets the bonnet and rear wing from the V8 Vantage GTE racer and the same bright colour scheme as the Rapide AMR.

Aston has history in making hard-core track based cars, especially with the Vantage (GT8 and GT12) and their popularity with customers is what made Aston decide to launch the AMR sub-brand.  But like those other Vantages, the AMR Pro will have a limited run production, extremely limited production actually of just 7 models. The Rapide AMR on the other hand will have a slightly larger production of 210 models but don’t expect any of these, or any future AMR variants to come cheap.

Looking forward to the idea of more track focused Astons? Let us know below…


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