Geneva Motor Show: Honda’s Hot Hatch King

Move over Golf R and Focus RS, Daddy’s home.

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The new Honda Civic Type R is here. That sentence is enough to excite most people given that the Civic Type R is of one legendary hot hatch kings. This new one has a lot to live up too.

This is the production version of the Type R as the concept was revealed last year at the Paris Motor Show and the good news is that it retains the concepts ‘in ya face’ looks.  This new Type R looks even more outrageous than the current Type R, with a huge rear wing, air intake on the bonnet and front splitter. The old car looked slightly ungainly and tubby, it never looked like a proper hot hatch, rather a poorly executed custom job. This new one however looks leaner and fitter thanks to the new Civic shape, a proper hatchback body means that’s the new Type R looks like a fighter. Pretty it may not be but functional it is and every vent, wing and detail helps you go faster for longer.

Engine wise it has a turbocharged, 2.0-litre four-cylinder unit which is similar to the outgoing Type R however this new generation has been given an ECU fiddle and a brand new exhaust meaning a rise in power of 10bhp. The rise in bhp brings the Type R to 316bhp which is 10bhp ahead of the Golf R but 29bhp behind the Focus RS.  Torque remains the same as the old car at 295lb ft.  The same six-speed gearbox is accrued over from the old car to the new one and there is no option for an automatic, sorry America.

This car is FWD which means that extra engineering is needed to make sure that things don’t get messy when the road becomes twisty.  Independent multi-link rear suspension and an increased wheelbase and track mean improved stability. While the aggressive aerodynamics give the car more downforce than before and a smoother underbody give much more stability at higher speeds. The aerodynamics of this car create vortex generators which help with the balance of lift and drag.

The old Type R held the record for the fastest FWD production car at the Nurburgring, briefly, being beaten by the current record holder, the VW Golf Clubsport S. This new Type R has yet to do a timed lap at the ‘Ring but Honda have more or less said that the new Type R will go around the ‘Ring and would be close to the Clubsport S.

Want one, well you can order one now and expect deliver sometime in summer and every single one will be built in Britain, yep even the ones being sold in Japan. Expect a summer showdown between this, the Golf R and the Focus RS. Tell us your winner below…


1 thought on “Geneva Motor Show: Honda’s Hot Hatch King

  1. I love the Civic Type R, especially with its renowned VTEC engine. I wonder how the japanese engineering will compare to the upcoming Fiesta ST as well!


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