Geneva Motor Show: Mercedes’ Panamera Rival

AMG’s 50th birthday treat to themselves is a concept aimed straight at the Porsche Panamera. Nothing says “many happy returns” than picking a fight.

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Four door coupes may seem like a pointless niche but can be quite profitable so naturally  manufacturers across the world are jumping at the chance to try and get a piece of the action. This is Mercedes latest attempt and it’s got the Porsche Panamera in its sights.

Called the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept, it may be classed as a concept but this is a car that is entering production in the very near future. If you ignore all of the concept design features such as lipstick cameras instead of wing mirrors and more sensible wheels then this is what the production version will look like.  I, for one, am praying that the huge central exhaust remains for the production model.  The front grille is a rather large one that Mercedes call the ‘Panamericana’ which is a nice reference to the 300SL that won the Carrera Panamericana Mexican Road Race back in 1952. All grilles at the front have motorised internal shutters which will close the grilles to reduce drag but open again  to cool down the engine. You may have noticed that there are no feature lines on the side of this car and Mercedes have gradually been removing feature lines from all their cars. The only problem about this is that it can often make a car look unusual and disproportional but you can judge for yourselves.

If you think that some of the design features look familiar that because they should as this car is part of the AMG GT family.  The headlights, side vents and tail lights have all been slimmed down from the regular AMG GT coupe. However this is more than a stretched GT coupe. The chassis has been heavily adapted and lightened from the E63’s as the normal GT coupe’s aluminium chassis was built with a space consuming bulkhead behind the two seats.

Naturally, being an AMG the GT Concept will not be a slouch but there has been no official word on a drivetrain or performance figures.  However we can expect it to be something powerful, possibly a twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 judging by the size of the grilles at the front. Maybe even a hybrid system in the future as AMG are already looking into this for other cars. If Mercedes want to aim this at the Porsche Panamera then expect a price of around £90,000.

The concept is not just a standard concept car; it acts as a birthday treat to AMG who are fifty years old.  Some people who have been happy with a cake but this Mercedes after all.  Leave your thoughts on it below….



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