Geneva Motor Show: Mercedes-AMG Project One New Details

Mercedes new hypercar steps a bit closer to reality as it unveils details about its forthcoming F1/road car crossover.

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Mercedes let loose some more details about their forthcoming Project One hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show. The car is set to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September but the car will not actually be available to customers until 2019.

The price has also been confirmed, a cool €2.275 million (roughly £2.37 million including taxes) and will be limited to only 275 models. This is will make is one of the most expensive production cars ever, a Bugatti Chiron will only set you back €2.4 million.  The steep price tag may seem like a minor detail but it gives clues as to the speed and power of Project One. Given that the fastest of the current Holy Trinity, the McLaren P1, can reach 218mph we can expect the Project One to exceed this but top speed is not the top priority according to Mercedes.

Mercedes claim that the Project One will be the most direct transfer of F1 technology into a road car yet, essentially a Formula One racer with number plates. No performance figures have been realised but details about the engine have emerged, a 1.6 litre engine capable of revving to 11,00rpm. BHP is expected to be 1000 as a minimum. The Project One borrows electrical components lifted straight form an F1 car such as the crank motor and the split turbo. The battery cells, the most expensive in the world, are also lifted straight out of a F1 racer. The technology used in creating the Project One will eventually find its way down to regular Mercedes-AMG cars

Although the Project One has been closely connected to Formula One, it will be much more than a track day monster. The aim from Mercedes is to make it an everyday car.  The idea being that you won’t your own pit team in order to use the car, just press the starter button and you’re away.

Are you expecting great things from Project One or do you think Mercedes has bitten off more than they can chew with this? Let us know your thoughts below…

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