Geneva Motor Show: Bentley’s Electric Roadster

Bentley unveils a surprise at the Geneva, an all electric two seat convertible sports car, but wait….does it look familiar to you?

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Yes it seems now even Bentley have been bitten by the EV bug. This is the EXP 12 Speed 6e (yes I know it’s a mouthful so just stick to Speed 6e) and essentially it’s a convertible version of the EXP 10 Speed 6 we saw in 2015. Which means that it’s definitely got the looks but will it have the grunt under the bonnet?

At the moment, no. Bentley is refusing to comment about any powertrain beneath low swooping bonnet but based on the current Continental GT we can expect at least 600bhp and a definite 4WD system. The only thing that Bentley would say is that the cars batteries would be capable of giving a range of roughly 300 miles.

The lack of engine detail gives us more time to admire the design of the car though which is magnificent.  From the front it is unmistakeably a Bentley with the large honeycomb grille, twin round headlights and badges, which along with the grille, have been given copper detailing.

The attention to detail is the level we would expect of any Bentley but the Speed 6e goes one step further.  A quick glance is does not do the car justice. You could spend a whole afternoon with the car just appreciating the craftsmanship and quality of the interior alone.  There are the traditional wood and leather you find in any Bentley but also copper detailing scattered around the cabin which add a unique touch to the car.

The main observation is the steering wheel which has been given a futuristic vibe but cutting the top half off. Those rocket emblazoned copper buttons on top of the wheel engage an electric boost mode. The wheel also features another odd button which is a symbol of a small tuxedo. Press the tux and this activates the cars virtual butler, a hologram of a butler representing the Speed 6e’s artificial intelligence.  This button may be the most aristocratic thing ever fitted to a car but speaks volumes about Bentley.

The other observation is that the cabin is separated into two “pods” by a large touchscreen which is hewn from a single piece of glass. Another piece of craftsmanship are the diamond shaped door inserts while are each carved from a single piece of wood. Many of the surfaces have been interwoven with copper to match the copper detailing both inside and outside. Knurled surfaces are also scattered around the cabin to give a quality feel.

Well, although this is still a concept as such it will almost certainly make production.  Bentley says that a car similar to this is only around five years away as not to scare off any of the hard-core Bentley buyers.

Would an electric Bentley tickle your fancy? Let us know your thoughts below…


1 thought on “Geneva Motor Show: Bentley’s Electric Roadster

  1. Jesus… technology is advancing so fast, yet Bentley’s prestige brand catches up with ease 😍😍


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