McLaren P1 LM- Bravery Required

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Mad, just got madder!

When you build one of the fastest hypercars ever you think that there is simply no way it can get any faster. Wrong. McLaren have just unveiled an even more hard-core version of the P1.

Called the McLaren P1 LM, it is essentially a road going P1 GTR which means two things, 1) it will be scarily quick and 2) you better make sure you have life insurance. The LM is a reference to the most mental and legardary F1 of all so it has some big boots to fill.

Although this will be sold under McLaren Special Operations division, it is actually being made by Lanzante. They helped created the F1 GTR which won Le Man in 1995. So they clearly know what they are doing. They have essentially taken a P1 GTR and converted it for road use, but don’t be fooled into thinking its gone soft.

It still contains the same hi tech engine, a 3.8 litre twin turbo V8 combined with electric motor to give out 986bhp while the engine bay is lined with gold, harking back to the old McLaren F1. However the P1 LM is 60kg lighter with the help of extreme dieting (plastic windows, titanium bolts and lightweight seats). Aerodynamics have also been tweaked too with a larger front splitter, dive planes and a modified rear wing. This means the P1 LM has 40% more downforce than the GTR.

If you are lucky enough to buy one then you will also receive a small bag of goodies including; a tailored car cover, a full tool kit plus a 1:8 scale model of your P1 LM.  Only five of these will be made (one in grey, four in orange) each costing somewhere north of £2million.


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