Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

Could this be the best looking car ever built?

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We all know that Aston Martin has an outstanding track record of producing beautiful cars, and we know that Zagato has a pretty good history with turning ordinary Aston’s into extraordinary pieces of art. So when Zagato got their skilled hands on the gorgeous Vanquish we knew the outcome would be something special. Called the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato (catchy), it is the fifth car to be produced in collaboration with the two world famous marques as was fittingly unveiled at the elegant Concorso d’Eleganza Villa D’Este.

Of course, the main talking point of this car is the radical overhaul of the exterior. There are so many striking features to mention with new ones being found every time you look at the car but I will talk about some of the big ones. At the front, the grille has been enlarged with halo style LED running lights and Zagato’s signature ‘Z’ styling embedded within the grille.  A contrasting carbon fibre body kit can be seen all around the car while all of the body panels have been sculpted using one piece carbon fibre to reduce the amount of panel lines. The double bubble roof, another Zagato signature, is also clearly visible

The rear end gets the biggest change though with Vulcan inspired LED blades used to liven up another one of Zagato’s design cues, the circular rear lights. These help give the car its striking look and dominate your attention of the rear. Nestled away in the carbon fibre diffuser are quad exhausts which will help the mighty V12 scream even louder.

The Vanquish’s naturally aspirated 6.0 litre V12 has been tweaked to give 592bhp, a 24hp increase over the standard car. The suspension has also been reworked with in order for the car to handle the new power. Although there is no official talk of production numbers as this is a “concept”, I am confident that Zagato will build the Vanquish in small numbers, with prices well above the £194,000 for the standard model.

The last Aston that Zagato worked on was the V12 Vantage back in 2011, which was simply a beautiful creation. In over 50 years of partnership, five iconic cars have been created which will go down in the history books, question is though, which car will be next to join the list?

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