595 BHP Aston Martin Vantage Monster

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Even though the Aston Martin Vantage may be pushing its 10th year in production this year, there is no sign of it slowly down just yet as Aston has unveiled a 595BHP 6.0-litre V12 GT3 spec version of the car.

But like an Aston Martin, there are a few issues already. Firstly, it costs £250,000 which is Lamborghini Aventador territory. Secondly, only 100 of them will ever be produced and thirdly, all 100 cars have been sold.

But this car is more than a marketing ploy aimed at the rich. The Vantage GT3 is based on the Aston Martin Vantage V12 S and weighs in 100KG lighter than the standard car thanks to help from the extensive use of carbon fibre panels. Every panel is made from carbon fibre except from the doors, even the interior gets the carbon fibre treatment with the centre console covered in carbon fibre.  The centre console is borrowed straight from the Vanquish while the standard seats have been replaced with sports seats.

There are tweaks to the styling too for aerodynamic purposes inspired by the Vantage GT4 racer. The GT3 features a noticeable large fixed rear wing, a rear diffuser, intakes on the bonnet and slat behind the front and rear wheel arches and a large front splitter.  However unlike other race going cars, the Vantage GT3 actually looks rather pretty, the standard Vantage looked pretty and the extra aero tweaks haven’t ruined it, especially with the tinges of orange splashed around the car.

The GT3 is both lower and wider than the standard Vantage which should help it handle better. The 6.0-litre V12 has been increased from 565BHP to 595BHP and best of all, no turbo. It’s one of the last big naturally aspirated engines to be produced. The 0-60 times has fallen by two-tenths of a second to 3.5 seconds.

Due to be unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March, the Vantage GT3 will not be the only new Aston Martin to take the stand. Aston has announced a track only monster called the Vulcan.  Geneva is going to be great.


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