Nations Favourite Ferrari

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After looking at official statistics and figures provided by How Many and the DVLA, I can exclusively reveal that the most popular Ferrari on the roads of the UK is the Ferrari 360 Modena. The 360 Modena is back on the top spot after being beaten last year by the Ferrari California.

Ferrari 360 Modena
Ferrari 360 Modena

The Ferrari 360 Modena was the nation’s most popular Ferrari for over a decade with the peak of its popularity in 2005. But since then, newer, faster and better Ferraris have come along and the 360 has seen its numbers fall. There are a total of 875 licensed 360 Modenas’ on the road in Britain in 2014. However in 2013, the number was only 766 which lost it the crown. The crown instead went to the Ferrari California which had 782 models on the road.

Ferrari California
Ferrari California

The rarest Ferrari on the road is the new LaFerrari, mainly because it was only launched a few months ago and also because it costs £1 million. A grand total of two LaFerrari’s are roaming Britain so the chances of you catching a glimpse of one are very slim indeed. The rarest Ferrari last year was the 599 SA Aperta, a special edition 599. Only 80 were ever produced and five on them can be located on the roads of the UK.

Ferrari LaFerrari
Ferrari LaFerrari

Interestingly, these statistics show is that the Ferrari 458 Spider has not sold as many numbers as its predecessor, the Ferrari F430 Spider. In 2014, there were 734 registered 430 Spiders on the road and only 517 458 Italia Spiders. However the 458 Spider has only been on sale for two years so that’s an impressive number to amass in two years. However in the two years since the 430 Spider was launched, there were 625 of them on the road. It seems that the public seemed to like the F430 Spider more than the lighter, quicker and prettier 458 Italia Spider.

Ferrari 458 Spider
Ferrari 458 Spider

Who knows what 2015 will show us but I suspect that neither the 360 nor the California will be top dog. Looking at the statistics, I would put my money on the Ferrari 458 Italia as it has continued to rise in numbers since its launch in 2010. This year, it was only 258 vehicles short of the 360 Modena but with a new turbocharged 458 rumoured to be appearing in 2015, the price of the current 458 will fall meaning more people will snap up a bargain 458.

You can have a look for yourself at How Many Please feel free to leave any comments you have below.

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