Cool Wall- McLaren P1

McLaren P1
McLaren P1

A new era has dawned. The McLaren P1 is part of the face that is shaping the future of the car. More specifically, the hypercar. The McLaren P1 is a new breed of hypercar trying to breath life into a dying species. Before the P1, the last hypercar that truly rewrote the rule book was the Bugatti Veyron,  widely considered the ultimate car.   But the McLaren P1 (along with the Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari) are taking the handbook and destroying it. By using hybrid technology and cutting edge materials, McLaren are able to push the P1 to do astounding feats of achievement such as produce 903bhp from a twin turbo V8 and go on to a top speed of 217mph.

The idea of using hybrid technology was to make cars greener and more economically friendly. The new breed of hypercars are using hybrid technology like steroids. To make them go ballistic for longer.  Proof of the McLaren’s popularity is that all 375 cars have sold out within 4 months, each with a £1 million price tag.

The main thing I love about this car is that they keep the idea of the speed machine alive and can continue long into the future.

Cool Rating-9/10


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