Aston Martin DB10-Bond’s Newest Car

Aston Martin DB10

The latest Bond car from Q branch has arrived ahead of its debut in Spectre. The new Aston Martin DB10 will be James Bond’s latest car and has been developed especially by Aston Martin for the forthcoming Bond film, titled Spectre.

At a Press conference earlier this week, director Sam Mendes revealed that the 24th instalment of the Bond franchise, Spectre, will be on the big screen in November 2015 and announced the cast and locations for the new film. However the main talking point, for petrol heads at least, was the showcasing of the new Bond car.
The Aston Martin DB10 is a brand new car for both Aston Martin and James Bond as the producers worked closely to create a unique car especially for the latest film. Aston Martin themselves say the DB10 is “a model developed specifically for the film and built in-house by the brand’s design and engineering teams”. Only 10 DB10’s will be produced for the films with three of them already done. As of yet, they are only being produced for the film as a limited run with no word from Aston Martin as to whether they will actually be available to purchase. If so then you can expect a hefty price tag.

While the name ‘DB10’ suggests that the new Bond car is a replacement for the long running DB9, Aston Martin insiders have actually said the DB10 is instead a rough preview of what to expect from the next generation V8 Vantage when it arrives sometime in 2017. The DB10 is made entirely from carbon fibre for lightness and also for speed of production as shooting for Spectre is due to begin in January 2015. This is no clay model either, the DB10 is a fully operational production car but there is no word on the engine yet but you can expect a 4.7 Litre V8 to sit underneath the handcrafted bonnet. Couple that engine with the carbon fibre body and don’t be surprised if this car can reach 200mph.


Aston Martin DB10 Front
Think this car looks a tad familiar? You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that the DB10 looks slightly like a Jaguar F-Type, especially in its side profile. That’s because the DB10 was designed by Ian Callum, the same man who designed the F-Type. While it still looks recognisable as an Aston Martin there are new changes, most notably the new front end. The nose is lower and a new take on the traditional Aston grille is apparent. The rear is shorter and looks set to feature Aston’s trademark rear lights. The car has similar proportions to the V8 Vantage but manages to appear wider and squatter.

No word yet on any technical specifications or gadgetry but with Ben Whishaw reprising his role as Q, there a strong chance that the DB10 could feature some much needed gadgets which have previously lacked from the last few Bond films.

What do you think of Bond’s latest car? Are you excited to see the new DB10 in action? Comments and opinions are welcomed below

Aston Martin DB10 Unveil


2 thoughts on “Aston Martin DB10-Bond’s Newest Car

  1. I appreciate your views however I believe that James Bond should always be seen in an Aston Martin as they have become a staple of the Bond franchise. You would not expect to see him drink a lager so why expect to see him drive something other than an Aston Martin.


  2. It’s high time Bond gave up on Aston Martins. They’re not the cars they used to be. Besides, Pierce Brosnan bought one after all that time playing 007. Don’t want the association with that scumbag any more.


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