Ferrari F60 America

Ferrari F60 America
Ferrari F60 America

Its been 60 years since Ferrari first landed on the shores of America and to mark this milestone occasion, Ferrari decided to give the Americans a special treat. Ferrari has a habit of making special project cars like this having built more than 20 since 2008. They are used as both design and technical exercises and the latest is one of the most special. Called the F60 America, this is an ultra high end celebration model that will only be sold in low volume. 10 to be precise. This makes it an incredibly rare Ferrari so the chances of spotting it in the UK are slim. Even slimmer of the chances seeing it at all outside of America as this car is being built and sold specifically for the American market. The price tag for this exclusivity? A cool £2.4 million and each was snapped up easily. The F60 is based on the underpinnings of the F12 but every body panel has been replaced with new ones to create this unique design. The most notable change is the distinct lack of roof which is no bad thing. Design cues have been taken from the 2010 599 SA Aperta and the 2001 550 Barchetta. Also you can spot subtle hints of old American muscle cars in the design, to give it an especially American feel to it.  The front end of the F60 has been completely reworked form the F12, with the F12’s aero flaps and aero bridge gone, replaced by reproflied intakes in the grille and new inlets on the bonnet. The front has also been lengthened to accommodate the new grille and diffuser. Personally I think this new front end is even prettier than on the standard F12, not that the standard F12 wasn’t a looker. However one area where the new F60 falls short of the F12 is in the rear.

Ferrari F60 America
Ferrari F60 America

For some bizarre reason, Ferrari decided to change the rear design of the F12. I would not have minded if they had made it prettier but instead they have opted for the pig ugly route. They have replaced the rear lights, raised the rear spoiler and fitted a new rear diffuser and added extra venting which make the F60 America’s rear seem mismatched and unstyled. More function over form I fear. However the biggest styling change is the removal of the roof. There is a skinny fabric cover to offer protection from the rain up to 75MPH but the customers who have bought the F60 probably don’t do rain. The interior gets a special transformation as-well, with the drivers side swathed in red leather and red composite materials while the passenger side is covered in contrasting black leather and composites. The seats feature a unique take on the stars and strips with a special motif on the central seam on both seats. There are two leather lined roll hoops which flow down into carbon fibre buttresses. The new asymmetric cabin design is a nod to Ferrari’s historic competition cars say Ferrari. The 6.3 litre V12 is left unaltered from the F12 meaning performance figures will differ little in the F60. Expect the same 730BHP and same top speed of 211MPH. 0-60 times are unconfirmed yet but expect them not to change too many from the original times of 3.1 seconds (0-60) and 6.5 seconds (0-100). The colour scheme of the car is not only a reflection of the American flag (Blue paint, White stripe and Red interior) but also a tribute to Luigi Chinetti’s North Amercian Racing Team. Chinetti scored Ferrari’s first ever victory at Le Man in 1949.

Personally I think the F60 America is a great car but I am glad that it will remain on American roads. I just don’t desire it and thats the main selling point of a Ferrari. You buy it because you WANT it and I just don’t want the F60. It won’t be making an appearance in my dream garage I’m afraid.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. Feel free to leave comments below


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